stunnel 5.56 released

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stunnel 5.56 released

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Dear Users,

I have released version 5.56 of stunnel.

### Version 5.56, 2019.11.22, urgency: HIGH
* New features
  - Various text files converted to Markdown format.
* Bugfixes
  - Support for realpath(3) implementations incompatible
    with POSIX.1-2008, such as 4.4BSD or Solaris.
  - Support for engines without PRNG seeding methods (thx to
    Petr Mikhalitsyn).
  - Retry unsuccessful port binding on configuration
    file reload.
  - Thread safety fixes in SSL_SESSION object handling.
  - Terminate clients on exit in the FORK threading model.

Home page:

SHA-256 hashes:

7384bfb356b9a89ddfee70b5ca494d187605bb516b4fff597e167f97e2236b22  stunnel-5.56.tar.gz
e9d7dea3976219f0fc89cfb4f645f47b1291ebec8ce55cff46dbbfbb2e9b4084  stunnel-5.56-win64-installer.exe

Best regards,

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