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[openssl-users] Strange SSL_read behavior

Hooman Fazaeli

I have two (unrelated) questions and would appreciate if anybody
provides some answers:

1. The SSL_read in my http server app always reads the first byte of
   http request, instead of the whole. To read the rest, I should do
   further SSL_reads:

    while (SSL_read(...) > 0)
           copy read data to request buffer;

   I have seen this pattern with firefox, IE and opera as client.

   I know that openssl has received the whole request record because I
   do not write any data to the read bio of the SSL object between
   SSL_read calls in the loop.

   So, the question is, why SSL_read does not return all the data in
   the first call?

2. Is there any patch around to add support of custom TLS extensions to 1.0.1j?

Best regards
Hooman Fazaeli

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