[openssl-users] A question to the VMS folks out there (SSL_TASK)

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[openssl-users] A question to the VMS folks out there (SSL_TASK)

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker

this is a question to the VMS folks out there.

A few days ago, I took SSL_TASK out of the OpenSSL master branch (that
is, the files crypto/bio/bss_rtcp.c and ssl/ssl_task.c).  It never
really belonged in OpenSSL but stayed there for reasons only
historians can tell at this point.

I'm currently having a hg repo with the files as part of the vms-ports
effort (https://sourceforge.net/p/vms-ports/ssl_task/), but I'm
starting to wonder if anyone is still using this stuff or if it's just
dead code by now.  The answer will make all the difference to my
willingness to keep this code alive or not.


Richard Levitte                         [hidden email]

"Life is a tremendous celebration - and I'm invited!"
-- from a friend's blog, translated from Swedish
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