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Rich Salz via RT

[guest - Tue Jun  1 17:02:55 2004]:

> Hi,
> I am trying to install OpenSSL on a Windows 2000 Professional box and I
> am using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET as my C++ compiler. After
> downloading the open source for SSL and going through the installation
> procedure, my compiler gives me linking errors for the following
> functions.
> OPENSSL_add_all_algorithms()
> SSL_connect()
> SSL_write() etc..
> I have added ssleay32.lib, ssleay32.dll, libeay32.lib and libeay32.dll
> in my system32 directory and also included the path in my project
> settings. What is it that I am missing?
> Also, in the process of installing I have an openssl.exe file. Do I need
> to use it for any particular purpose?

This should be sent to openssl-users and not RT.

I don't have VS .NET myself. You have to add the files ssleay32.lib and
libeay32.lib in the list of libraries to link to.

Under VC++ this is Project->Settings->Link(TAB) in the edit box headed
"Object/Library Modules".

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