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[openssl.org #4700] fprintf(stderr, ...) in d1_both.c

Rich Salz via RT
Good Morning,

Inspecting some code in the OpenSSL DTLS implementation, I noticed three places in the file “d1_both.c” where error conditions result in an sprintf to stderr:

Line 1071 in function dtls1_read_failed
Line 1143 in function dtls1_retransmit_buffered_messages
Line 1243 in function dtls1_retransmit_message

We’re using version 1.0.2j.

It should be obvious why it’s rather inappropriate for a library like OpenSSL to write to stderr instead of reporting errors to the application.  Even more so considering that OpenSSL already has a sophisticated error reporting mechanism.

--Felix Wyss

Ticket here: http://rt.openssl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=4700
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