[openssl.org #3434] [PATCH] Add support for key wrapping mode with padding - RFC 5649

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[openssl.org #3434] [PATCH] Add support for key wrapping mode with padding - RFC 5649

Rich Salz via RT
On Sat Jul 05 13:46:16 2014, steve wrote:

> On Fri Jul 04 20:33:35 2014, [hidden email] wrote:
> >
> > Attached patch set adds support for key wrapping mode described in
> > 5649.
> >
> Well it seems this patch only supports the new functionality via the
> low level
> APIs (which applications should avoid) and not EVP. This would mean
> applications would have to manually invoke things like AES-NI. It
> would be far
> better if OpenSSL did this automatically.
> Also using EVP means that testing is simply a case of adding a few
> line to
> evptests.txt.
> There is some support for the existing AES wrap via EVP added to
> OpenSSL 1.0.2.

I'll look into integrating this into EVP.

FYI I think the RFC3394 test cases are already present in evptests.txt, unless
I missed one.

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