[openssl.org #1185] 0.9.8 does not install on HP-UX 11.00

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[openssl.org #1185] 0.9.8 does not install on HP-UX 11.00

Rich Salz via RT

Probably this is an issue of configuration script. The engine/Makefile
cannot handle dynamic libraries with HP's .sl extension. In the
makefile, on the "library:" section, there is even a note reading:

# XXXXX This currently only works on systems that use .so as suffix
# for shared libraries as well as for Cygwin which uses the
# dlfcn_name_converter and therefore stores the engines with .so suffix,

The libraries are created with .sl suffix. Manually fixing the makefile
(replacing .so with .sl) solves the problem, but it would be best to
have the configure scripts fixed :-)

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