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Rich Salz via RT

To Whom It May Concern:





I work in Group IT in Lloyds TSB Group.  I have the following request for

We are doing a Tivoli software scan of the servers in the bank to establish
versions of products installed. Most products have a signature file i.e. a
file that we can use to identify a product. A signature file is a
fingerprint file that is a unique size that represents the product version
installed. For example if you load Sightline version on an AIX
server it will always create a file called agentmgr and its size always be
44279 Kbytes.

We can then tell Tivoli that the combination of this size and file name map
to Sightline version being installed on that server.

What we want from you is the name of file and its size.  Would you be able
to help supply this information for us in regard to the following products:

















If you need any more clarification you please contact Claire Dancy directly
(020 7902 4340) -  <mailto:[hidden email]>
[hidden email]


We have an urgent need for this information so a response back from you by
Friday 29th July would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.


Claire Dancy

Service Improvement

Technology Service Line

020 7902 4340

7430 4340


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