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[openssl.org #1137] pem.h-definitions in 0.9.8-stable-SNAP-20050624

Rich Salz via RT

[[hidden email] - Fri Jun 24 18:23:09 2005]:

> If I compile Apache 2.0.54 with beta6 or the latest snapshot, I have
> correct the usage of PEM_F_DEF_CALLBACK to PEM_F_PEM_DEF_CALLBACK
> (defined in pem.h).
> The naming of the constants has changed with 0.9.8 and breaks
> compatibility with "top" applications like Apache httpd.

The naming in 0.9.7 was a mistake from a naming scheme point of view.

> Is this a bug or a feature? It might confuse quite some users when
> starting to compile with 0.9.8...

It is a bug correction, although cosmetic.

Richard Levitte
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