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[openssl.org #1136] 0.9.8-beta6 on DJGPP

Rich Salz via RT

With gcc on Linux (and I assume since it's gcc, that'll go for more or
less all 32-bit architectures it runs on), I get a warning when changing
 %u to %lu, so it seems to me that whatever is done, someone loses.

If course, I could make that a DJGPP special...

[[hidden email] - Fri Jun 24 18:21:58 2005]:

> I sent the following on 21 June, but I don't see where it actually
>    made
> it to the list or to the archives. Sorry if it turns out to be a
> duplicate.
> The beta6 of openssl 0.9.8 compiles, tests, and installs on DJGPP
> without any problems that I see. There is just one warning during the
> compilation, at apps/passwd.c:
> gcc -DMONOLITH -I.. -I../include  -I/dev/env/WATT_ROOT/inc -DTERMIOS
>    -DL_ENDIAN -fomit-frame-pointer -O2 -Wall
>    -DAES_ASM   -c -o passwd.o passwd.c
> passwd.c: In function `do_passwd':
> passwd.c:477: warning: unsigned int format, long unsigned int arg (arg
>    3)
>                 Doug

Richard Levitte
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