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[openssl.org #1130] [PATCH] OpenSSL 0.9.8 general patches for Stratus VOS

Rich Salz via RT

Thanks, applied.  I've a few comments further down.

Ticket resolved.

[guest - Wed Jun 22 23:26:42 2005]:

> As an editorial comment, I would like to respectfully suggest that in
> the future, platform tests (#ifdef __IA32__) be used to establish
> attributes or qualities, and that the mainline source code test the
> attributes or qualities.  The current source code tests __IA32__ and
> related macros for several different reasons (e.g., instruction set,
> endianness, alignment requirements, etc.)  Having it test attribute or
> quality names would have been much more transparent.

We do some tests like that, but using OpenSSL specific macros generated
from the system name field in the configuration strings.  This is
because we (or at least I) have run into trouble where different
compilers support differents sets of flag macros for the same kind of
function.  It kind of gets out of hand...

Richard Levitte
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