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[openssl.org #1129] [PATCH] Update 0.9.8 Configure lines for Stratus VOS

Rich Salz via RT

Thanks, patch applied.  I will apply the other one as well.

Ticket resolved.

[guest - Wed Jun 22 23:04:09 2005]:

> Here are the patches to the OpenSSL 0.9.8-beta5 Configure script for
> Stratus VOS.  I've tested them on a Stratus Continuum (PA-RISC) system
> running VOS 14.7.0ax and on the Stratus V Series V400 system (Intel
> IA32) running VOS 15.1.0ah.  These changes are sufficient for our PA-
> RISC platform, and they are necessary but not sufficient for the Intel
> IA32 platform.
> I'm breaking up the changes into VOS-only changes (this patch) and a
> second patch that VOS IA32 needs but which also affects other
> platforms.
> The following is an explanation of these changes for the curious.
> I'm dropping support for our "vcc" compiler because it does not
> currently support 64-bit integers.  If and when it gains such support,
> I'll restore the lines in Configure.
> I'm dropping the explicit specification of the target platform (gcc "-
> b" argument) so that the spec works with both platforms.  We don't
> support cross compiling with gcc, so the build has to be run on the
> proper platform anyway.
> I'm explicitly defining the B_ENDIAN macro to avoid some assumptions
> in the source code that the Intel IA32 is always Little Endian.  We
> have created a gcc that implements a Big Endian environment on the
> IA32; fun stuff.  The second patch for VOS will add the actual checks.
> I've removed the definition of BN_CTX_DEBUG in the "debug" build
> because we run the self-tests with every build, and if this variable
> is defined we get more than 2 gigabytes of output from the tests....I
> think that only the developer/debugger of the bignum package cares
> about this level of debugging.
> Thanks
> PG

Richard Levitte
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