[openssl.org #1113] openssl-0.9.8-beta5 - install fails on "../../util/pod2man.pl: Invalid man page"

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[openssl.org #1113] openssl-0.9.8-beta5 - install fails on "../../util/pod2man.pl: Invalid man page"

Rich Salz via RT

It fails because of the new section declarations (done with a '=for
comment') that appear before the '=head1 NAME' line.  I just committed a
change that fixes this.

Ticket resolved.

[[hidden email] - Tue Jun 14 10:06:07 2005]:

> making all in tools...
> ./pod2mantest: pod2man: not found
> pod2man does not work properly ('BasicTest' failed).  Looking for
>    another pod2man ...
> No working pod2man found.  Consider installing a new version.
> As a workaround, we'll use a bundled old copy of pod2man.pl.
> installing man1/CA.pl.1
> installing man1/asn1parse.1
> installing man1/ca.1
> installing man1/ciphers.1
> installing man5/config.5
> ../../util/pod2man.pl: Invalid man page - 1st pod line is not NAME in
>    config.pod
> *** Error code 255
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `install_docs'

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