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Rich Salz via RT

I'll remove this ticket as this looks like a user question rather than a
bug report.

I'll still respond to it, just not in this form.

[guest - Mon Jun  6 17:19:44 2005]:

> Hello,
> I need some help, I have installed everything correctly but the make
> command will not work and I cant get the openssl to work from the
> command line to create the CSR. I am installing this with ApacheSSL. I
> do have access via VNC to make this alot easier and understandable on
> what exactly I mean here. If you could please email me back at
> [hidden email] or call me at (270) 991-7380.
> Thanks alot I need help ASAP my company is waiting on me to get this
> done so our merchant account application will go through.

Richard Levitte
[hidden email]
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