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[openssl.org #1095] IA64 Linux: Intel compiler name change

Rich Salz via RT

Hi!  Patch applied and committed to the 0.9.8 and 0.9.9-dev branches.  

Ticket resolved.

[[hidden email] - Fri Jun  3 12:58:18 2005]:

> Reference: [openssl.org #516]
> A couple of years ago, I submitted a patch to the Configure
> script to support the Intel compiler on Linux/IA64, adding a new
> "linux-ia64-ecc".
> Since then, in release 8 of the Intel compiler, the name of the
> compiler drive has been changed from "ecc" to "icc" (matching the
> name on ia32).
> I've attached a patch for Configure that adds a new configuration,
> "linux-ia64-icc".  The only change is the name of the compiler.
> This is based on openssl-SNAP-20050602.tar.gz.
> The "linux-ia64-ecc" is still there, since the previous version of
> the compiler is presumably still in use.
> The "ecc" command still exists in release 8; it invokes the compiler
> like icc but produces a warning message on stderr:
> ecc: warning: The Intel C/C++ driver is now named icc.  You can
> suppress this message with '-quiet'
> I don't know whether this has any effect (I've seen cases where
> configuration scripts are confused when the compiler writes anything
> to stderr, even if the compilation is successful).
> I haven't actually been able to test this patch, since the latest
> release doesn't build on IA-64.

Richard Levitte
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