[openssl.org #1091] openssl-0.9.8-beta3 on ULTRIX 4.5 (gcc)

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[openssl.org #1091] openssl-0.9.8-beta3 on ULTRIX 4.5 (gcc)

Rich Salz via RT

Environment: openssl-0.9.8-beta3, ULTRIX 4.5, ultrix-gcc (gcc 2.95.3)

On this platform, gcc 2.95.3 supports 64-bit integer. To enable SHA512
(and avoid the "undefined BN_ULLONG" problem in pqueue.c) only the
following change was necessary:

 - Configure (line 497, insert BN_LLONG)
   "ultrix-gcc","gcc:-O3 -DL_ENDIAN::(unknown):::BN_LLONG::::",

With this change openssl-0.9.8-beta3 compiled fine (4.5 hours) and
passed all tests (2.6 hours).

Bernhard Simon, TU Wien, ZID/StS

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