[openssl.org #1086] openssl-0.9.8-beta3 on ULTRIX 4.5 (cc)

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[openssl.org #1086] openssl-0.9.8-beta3 on ULTRIX 4.5 (cc)

Rich Salz via RT

Environment: openssl-0.9.8-beta3, ULTRIX 4.5, ultrix-cc

 - crypto/sha/sha512.c fails to compile
   cc -I.. -I../.. -I../../include -DZLIB ... -DL_ENDIAN -c sha512.c
   cfe: Error: sha512.c, line 61: Syntax Error
           c->h[0]=0xcbbb9d5dc1059ed8ULL ;

   "long long" is only partially supported, i.e. add/sub work,
   but mul/div/... not; see http://archive.apache.org/gnats/4940

 - disabling SHA512 with "no-sha512" does not work as expected
   ./Configure no-sha512 ...
   make depend
   cc -I.. -I../.. -I../../include -DZLIB ... -DL_ENDIAN -c sha512.c
   cfe: Error: sha512.c, line 59: Syntax Error
    int SHA384_Init (SHA512_CTX *c)

   "OPENSSL_NO_SHA512" gets defined in crypto/opensslconf.h, so the
   "!defined(OPENSSL_NO_SHA512)" comes too early in crypto/sha/sha512.c -
   or sha512.c should be compiled with "-DOPENSSL_NO_SHA512" in this case.

 - crypto/pqueue/pqueue.c fails to compile
   cc -I.. -I../.. -I../../include -DZLIB ... -DL_ENDIAN -c pqueue.c
   cfe: Error: ./pqueue.h, line 73: Syntax Error
           BN_ULLONG  priority;

   In the "THIRTY_TWO_BIT" case, BN_ULLONG gets defined in crypto/bn/bn.h
   only if "BN_LLONG" is defined, there is no "else" for environments
   without 64-bit integer support.
   The "VMS_TEST" hack (?) in crypto/pqueue/pq_compat.h works on ULTRIX
   ("Other environments ... can safely use the code developed for VMS."),
   crypto/pqueue/pqueue.c, ssl/d1_lib.c, and ssl/d1_pkt.c compile OK.

      ./Configure no-sha512 -DOPENSSL_NO_SHA512 -DVMS_TEST ultrix-cc
   openssl-0.9.8-beta3 builds on ULTRIX 4.5 with cc.

Bernhard Simon, TU Wien, ZID/StS

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