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[openssl.org #1085] DJGPP patch for 0.9.8-beta3

Rich Salz via RT

[[hidden email] - Sun Jun 19 13:26:58 2005]:

> On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Richard Levitte via RT wrote:
> > Aha, *that's* what we need to debug then.
> >
> > BTW, the exit code of a pipe is usually the exit code of the last
> > command in the chain.  So you can't really blame grep, since their
> > result is piped into a parenthesised complex command.  I'm willing
>    to be
> > either 'read' or 'util/point.sh' return with an exit code other than
>    0,
> > and that it could be enough to have an 'exit 0' at the end of the
> > complex command (and maybe another 'set -e' before the while loop).
> Testing various changes in Makefile reveals that the problem really
> does seem to be the return code from grep. This is probably a bug in
> the DJGPP implementation of "set -e" in bash, related to the fact that
> DOS really doesn't have pipes. They are emulated via temporary files.
> The DJGPP "set -e" seems to be sensitive to non-zero return codes
> within the simulated pipe. The attached patch to Makefile.org works
> for DJGPP. I think it shouldn't adversely affect other platforms.

I've applied your patch.  Like you, I see no reason why it should break
builds on other platforms.

Ticket resolved.

Richard Levitte
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