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openssl on amd64

Ronan McGlue


on a dual opteron slamd(slack 64 10.1) box

./config completes
but then make throws and error up to do with the assemblers for md5,sha etc

so if i run ./config no-asm and then make i get no problems... however
it still only detects the system as a 32bit sys. ( .. -m486 ... )gcc
flag in the make file.

anyway it still makes and installs (apparently ) without incedent.
however I am gettin a problem with exim (the Mail MTA) that outputs the
following in /var/log/messages

Jun 16 11:18:45 scarab kernel: exim[15518]: segfault at 000000000000001a
rip 00002aaaab4b46a1 rsp 00007ffffffbe3c0 error 4

now i *have* narrowed this down to the SSL installation as the MTA works
fine for nonencrpyted mail.

has anyone seen this before??



Ronan McGlue
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