[openssl-dev] [PATCH] x509: skip certs if in alternative cert chain

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[openssl-dev] [PATCH] x509: skip certs if in alternative cert chain

Fedor Indutny
In situations like [0] the server may provide alternative certificate
chain, which is no longer valid in the current certificate store. In
fact the issuer of the leaf (or some intermediate) cert is known and
trusted, but the alternative chain certs that are sent by server are
not trusted, thus leading to `ctx->get_issuer(...)` return 0.

This patch changes the default behavior from "borking out the whole sent
chain" to "pop as much certs as needed to make it work".

Basically, it pops the last cert and checks if the previous has known

NOTE: Possibly duplicate, I didn't get a reply from openssl-bugs@

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