openssl 0.9.8 - ssl tests fails still report says tests passed ...

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openssl 0.9.8 - ssl tests fails still report says tests passed ...

Dharmesh Vyas
Hello Group...

I am a new user of openssl, and started exploring opensssl few days back. I am running the test  (make test) and generating the report. I was analysing the logs generated and i have got some results that has clicked some doubts as follows,

(1) If I run the tests and perform 'make report', the output generated shows 'Test passed.' But from the log file i found that in the section

test SSL protocol

test sslv2
Available compression methods:
SSLv2, cipher SSLv2 DES-CBC3-MD5, 512 bit RSA
1 handshakes of 256 bytes done
test sslv2 with server authentication
Available compression methods:
server authentication
  Initial proxy rights = A
depth=2 /C=AU/O=Dodgy Brothers/CN=Dodgy CA
depth=1 /C=AU/O=Dodgy Brothers/CN=Brother 1/CN=Brother 2
depth=0 /C=AU/O=Dodgy Brothers/CN=Brother 1/CN=Brother 2/CN=Proxy 1
  Certificate proxy rights = AB, resulting proxy rights = A
Proxy rights check with condition 'B' proved invalid
12785:error:1407E086:SSL routines:SSL2_SET_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed:s2_clnt.c:1066:
SSLv2, cipher (NONE) (NONE)
1 handshakes of 256 bytes done,

and there are a few of this types which shows the same ERROR in CLIENT,

Is this error fine?? Since as per what i have got from other users is that if any of the tests of openssl test fails it stops performing other tests and shows '[test] Error'. But all tests gets performed and the the report says that tests passed . So does that mean that my openssl is properly not installed or it means that some thing is wrong with the configuration of the tool.

(2) Except  ssltest.c if i edit any .c files in tests foder with some wrong value and perform the test and generate the report (by make report) it shows as "Failure" .and stops performing any other tests. But if i edit anything in ssltest.c and perform the test, the logs and report says that 'Test Passed' and there will be some errors same like i showed in (1). So is it something like pass and failure of Tests doesnot depend on the ssltest.c.

I guess what i have wrote in (1) and (2)  makes some sense.

Please guide me on this, since the project i am working upon, I need to know these things very clearly and I am new to openssl. Thanks to you all for your valuable time.

Thanks and Regards,
Dharmesh Vyas.