moving from PKCS7 to CMS functions

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moving from PKCS7 to CMS functions

Michael Richardson

I am implementing a module for ruby-openssl to add CMS API access to ruby.
(Once I figure it out, I will likely look at how to refactor PKCS7 API code,
but I don't care about that yet)

PKCS7 has the PKCS7_SIGNER_INFO object, and it is declared in pkcs7.h with

CMS has the CMS_SignerInfo object, but it is not declared in cms.h, and so
has no _alloc/_free API.

Is this an oversight?
Or is there a some difference in the API which I have yet to understand which
would mean that CMS_SignerInfo objects would never be allocated/freed.

(I found it surprising that DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS() was in the X509_dup.pod

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