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TestoMenix TAGGED UNDER: Issues Marketing All of us have had to handle hiccups, much to our discomfort sometimes. There are lesser causes of hiccups than there are answers. Everything from grandma's natural home methods to the physician's prescription has been tried. Unfortunately, these are the only methods of treating them. How your entire human body reacts to the alternatives is subjective. Treatment that may benefit someone may not benefit you, and the other way around. Immediate Solutions Have a significant conversation or conference in the next ten minutes, and you're plagued with the hiccups? Look no further, the remedy is here. Stand out your mouth, and keep it with your thumbs and pointer hand. The thumbs should be placed under the mouth, and pushed inward until the end, while the pointer hand is placed on top of the mouth. Now carefully take your mouth. Don't tug at it harshly or you may hurt yourself. Keep it held for 30 a few moments, and your hiccups will disappear. Go ahead and have an undisturbed meeting! Remedies for Grownups One of these alternatives is bound to get outcomes for you. Just give each one of them a try before you discover your magical cure. Have 9 continuous sips of normal water, without any breaks for respiration. Hold your respiration until you look and encounter another hiccup arriving. When you can sense the hiccup, take in some air. Swallow a whole glucose cube, or a teaspoon of white-colored glucose. Do not try this method if you are diabetic.