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beauty of the lash rejuvs and lash rejuv . In we want to teach you how to use castor explain how to remove the eyelash mask waterproof without suffering. You may also be interested in: How to apply the eyelash mask easily Instructions: 1 First of all it is good not to abuse the waterproof mascara in that touching it several times a day could make it much more complicated to eliminate it. This lash rejuv has an adhesive that causes the mask to attach better to the lash rejuv, resulting less likely to run with water. But if you use too much, removing make-up could be very difficult. 2 If you want to go for the easy alternative purchase a commercial eyelash mask make up remover, whichever you prefer, and use it as your ally. Wet a special cotton to remove makeup with a little warm water and apply first on the eyes to soften the mask, then wet some cotton and add the lash rejuv make-up remover. Pass it gently by your lash rejuv, it is not necessary to exert force. You may need at least a couple of cottons to remove the entire waterproof eyelash mask. Special eye cleansing wipes are also a good alternative, but always remember that you do not need to scrub. 3 An excellent natural option to remove the mascara from waterproof lash rejuv is olive oil . This lash rejuv helps you get the job done without drying or damaging your skin. Just soak a cotton with olive oil and gently wipe your lash rejuv, you will see that you do not need too much to remove all the remains of mascara. 4 Another home remedy to remove waterproof mascara is Vaseline . Due to its greasy composition makes the eyelash mask come out simply, without the need to rub or damage our lash rejuv. 5 And following with oils, coconut oil is another ideal choice to remove the waterproof eyelash mask with ease. We can use it in the same way as olive oil, and it is enough with just a little to get our lash rejuv clean. 6 Always remember that it is not necessary to exert too much pressure or to scrub the cotton or wiping wipe very strongly in your eyes, this way you will avoid losing your lash rejuv unnecessarily. It is always advisable to moisten the cotton a little with warm water before using it, so your roughness will not bother you. Dandruff is a skin disorder that consists of the formation of dead skin that normally occurs on the scalp. However, some people may also have this problem in other areas of the body as in the lash rejuv. This anomaly of the skin is known as anterior blepharitis and is a fairly frequent problem consisting of the appearance of small dead skin white or yellowish due to an inflammation around the root of the lash rejuv, ie, the edges of the Eyelids Eyelash dandruff may be caused by a variety of factors such as infection, genetic inheritance, or an allergic reaction. In this article, we explain how to remove dandruff from the lash rejuv with some treatments and recommendations that, in addition, will also prevent their future appearance. You may also be interested in: How to remove false lash rejuv Index Tea Tree Oil Castor oil to remove dandruff from the lash rejuv Aloe vera for .