client DLL going in hang mode during SSL_library_init() call

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client DLL going in hang mode during SSL_library_init() call

Kartik Chandrashekar Iyer

Hi Team,


I compiled openssl-1.0.2k version using the below website link and I was able to build it successfully and get the static and dynamic libraries to be added in visual studio for my application dll build.


I used the build automatically option. Now I added the static libraries in my visual studio project and compiled my application. Build was successful and output was my_app.dll file. I also copied the dynamic libraries for the respective static libraries in the folder where I will initiate the application and my dll will be loaded. Its getting loaded but during SSL_library_init(), my_app.dll does not respond further. It calls this function and just hangs. I am not able to make out what the issue can be.


Also, If I am using precompiled libraries from the below site, I am able to initiate the ssl library and I am able to do my work.


am I missing something while build process of openssl. Or is there something missing in the visual studio settings.



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