building openssl 1.1.1 using CrystaX NDK 10.3.2 (Android)

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building openssl 1.1.1 using CrystaX NDK 10.3.2 (Android)

Peter Petrik

I want to add openssl to OSGeo4A, which is built with CrystaX NDK. 
I have run into issues building openssl, missing random functions:

arm-linux-androideabi-gcc  -I. -Icrypto/include -Iinclude -I../openssl-1.1.1 -I../openssl-1.1.1/crypto/include -I../op
enssl-1.1.1/include -fPIC -pthread  -mandroid --sysroot=/opt/crystax-ndk-10.3.2/platforms/android-16/arch-arm  -march=
256_ASM -DPOLY1305_ASM -DOPENSSLDIR="\"/usr/local/ssl/16/\"" -DENGINESDIR="\"/usr/local/lib/engines-1.1\"" -DNDEBUG -D
__ANDROID_API__=16 -MMD -MF crypto/rand/rand_unix.d.tmp -MT crypto/rand/rand_unix.o -c -o crypto/rand/rand_unix.o ../o
In file included from /opt/crystax-ndk-10.3.2/platforms/android-16/arch-arm/usr/include/sys/glibc-syscalls.h:43:0, 
                from /opt/crystax-ndk-10.3.2/platforms/android-16/arch-arm/usr/include/crystax/bionic/libc/include/sy
                from /opt/crystax-ndk-10.3.2/platforms/android-16/arch-arm/usr/include/sys/syscall.h:43, 
                from ../openssl-1.1.1/crypto/rand/rand_unix.c:22: 
../openssl-1.1.1/crypto/rand/rand_unix.c: In function 'syscall_random': 
../openssl-1.1.1/crypto/rand/rand_unix.c:297:20: error: '__NR_getrandom' undeclared (first use in this function) 
    return syscall(SYS_getrandom, buf, buflen, 0);

(see attached configure.txt)

What is strange is that when I try with --with-rand-seed=none, I have the same error message. With other rand-seed options, different methods 
are missing.

Do you have any idea how to proceed here?

Thanks a lot.

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