behaviour of function: int app_passwd(BIO *err, char *arg1, char *arg2, char **pass1, char **pass2);

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behaviour of function: int app_passwd(BIO *err, char *arg1, char *arg2, char **pass1, char **pass2);

Antonio Araujo
hi friends of openssl, i am trying to loading a
private key stores in a hsm after it has been opened
with k of n authentication method (smart cards). my
program have to do something similar openssl ca
command do when using engine CHIL.

openssl ca command load a private key
from the engine with the following extrac of code:

from openssl-0.9.7e/src/apps/ca.c

engine setup previously
        if (!key)
                free_key = 1;
                if (!app_passwd(bio_err, passargin, NULL, &key,
                        BIO_printf(bio_err,"Error getting password\n");
                        goto err;
        pkey = load_key(bio_err, keyfile, keyform, 0, key, e,

                "CA private key");
        if (key) OPENSSL_cleanse(key,strlen(key));


the function app_passwd(bio_err, passargin, NULL,
&key, NULL) return the password in its key argument,
but i do not actually understand where the password of
hsm is searched from.

app_passwd calls another function:
static char *app_get_pass(BIO *err, char *arg, int
keepbio) that get the password from an enviromental
variable; but how does it do? is the hsm password
charged previously from card set stored in some place?

thanks for your help

antonio araujo

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