Using openssl with embedded systems

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Using openssl with embedded systems

Mahmoud Abd El-Hafeez
I wonder if it's possible to compile the library for Microcontrollers like ARM STM32
The situation is: I have some project written c code that depends on OpenSSL library functionality. The project assumes that OpenSSL is installed on the machine. I want to cross compile the project for some microcontroller architecture like mentioned above. Is there a way to:
1- Compile the OpenSSL library to produce the .a files using the microcontroller special compiler like GNU for ARM?
2- Include all the library source files and headers to be compiled with the project using the microcontroller special compiler?

Is there a way to handle the opensslconf.h and bn.h for the microcontroller's compiler and architecture?

Please accept my apologize if questions are not eligible or not in the right place.

Thank you