Usage of BIO pairs

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Usage of BIO pairs

Alain Damiral
Hello again list,

I have already posted about the project I am working on, which in a
general way is to provide an application with OpenSSL functionality
while keeping control over the network access. I have made some good
progress in this work using BIO pairs, as I had been advised. However I
now have an occasional crash that I can't easily debug (mainly because
the application itself is written in a slightly exotic language - the
trace I get is truncated far before the actual problem).

The only example of BIO pair usage I have come accross so far is the
test in ssltest.c. I would appreciate if someone could point me to
another example of BIO pair usage in which the client and server are
under different threads of control.

I thank you all for your time,

Alain Damiral,

Université Catholique de Louvain - student

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