Unusual NMAKE warning.

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Unusual NMAKE warning.

Thomas J. Hruska

Never had this happen before until I tried building 0.9.8 Beta 3, but it
could cause problems in the future:

NMAKE : warning U4004: too many rules for target 'tmp32\e_4758cca_err.h'
        copy nul+ .\engines\e_4758cca_err.h tmp32\e_4758cca_err.h

Microsoft Visual C++ 6 SP5, latest Platform SDK, using a MASM build.

This is part of a huge automated build sequence, but the warning occurs
when attempting to run "nmake -f ms\nt.mak".  OpenSSL seems to build just
fine, but the warning could be meaningful.

Thomas J. Hruska
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