The ascension of Matt Caswell

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The ascension of Matt Caswell

Steve Marquess-4
I am very pleased to report that Matt Caswell, a current part time
OpenSSL team member, will be reporting for duty as a full time dedicated
OpenSSL resource beginning November 10.

It has taken a small eternity in tedious aggravation to make the
necessary legal and accounting arrangements (which are even now not
entirely complete), but we are putting the donations that came our way
in the wake of the "Heartbleed" publicity to good use. We have
calculated that the donation funding in hand, plus that promised but
uncollected, plus revenue from our software support contracts, will
suffice to support this new full time position and eventually one other
as well.

Matt is leaving a successful commercial career to join the two current
full time resources, Steve Henson and Andy Polyakov, who are funded via
the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII). Unlike those
two CII funded positions, Matt will be entirely funded by direct
donations from individual contributors, sponsors of various types, and
support contract customers. The list of such supporters is a long one,
and some of them have requested anonymity, but I would like to thank
Smartisan, Huawei, and Akamai in particular.

-Steve M.

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