Support of CBC mode of encryption in 3DES

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Support of CBC mode of encryption in 3DES

I just downloaded the openssl-0.9.8a. I need to use only the CBC mode of encryption.
So i was checking the CBC3 files.
in the file cbc3_enc.c, a comment is added: /* HAS BUGS! DON'T USE - this is only
present for use in des.c */
 for the function void DES_3cbc_encrypt(DES_cblock *input, DES_cblock *output, long
             DES_key_schedule ks1, DES_key_schedule ks2, DES_cblock *iv1,
             DES_cblock *iv2, int enc)

I started having a doubt whether this version supports CBC mode for 3DES?
Please clarify on what functions i can use for 3DES.


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