SSLv23_Server_Method() not working in OpenSSL 1.01e

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SSLv23_Server_Method() not working in OpenSSL 1.01e

Chris Clark
I just updated my Win64 server app from OpenSSL 1.0.0k to 1.01e, and I
noticed that although it was configured to use the
SSLv23_Server_method(), it no longer accepts SSLv3 connections from
clients as it did using 1.0.0k. It does accept TLSv1 connections this
way however.

If I change it to use SSLv23_method() on the server, then the client
connects successfully. However if I force the client to connect using
SSLv3 then the result is a TLSv1 connection instead.

I double checked that everything works as it should when I go back to
using OpenSSL 1.0.0k on my server app. Is this a known issue in

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