SSL_read sys error 60.

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SSL_read sys error 60.

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Client Platform: OSX 10.12
OpenSSL: openssl-1.0.2g, built by myself i.e. no system default OpenSSL 

server platform: ubuntu 16.4
OpenSSL: 1.1.0e built by myself i.e. no system default OpenSSL 

SSL_read gets failed with errno is 60 (ETIMEDOUT, operation timed out), ERR_get_error return 0 at client side.
SSL_read gets failed frequently at client side, ERR_get_error return 0 and errno is 60 i.e. ETIMEDOUT. 

The client socket is marked non-blocking socket and recv timeout is set. Ideally,  there should not wait inside the SSL_read. I understand this 'may be' socket error but under what probable conditions SSL_read  returns with error 60. Interesting point is, this issue may occur in ongoing traffic. 

'select' method is used.

Could you please give me the pointer to debug this issue further?

Anand Choubey

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