SSL_connect() blocks on nonblocking socket...

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SSL_connect() blocks on nonblocking socket...

Ron Muck

Current System is:
       OS:                Windows XP SP2

       Compiler:        MSVC++ 6 SP5

       OpenSSL:        0.9.7e 25 Oct 2004

I am able to establish a socket connection in a very timely matter and I then I set the handle to NON-BLOCKING prior to making the SSL
hand shaking call SSL_connect().  At this point the SSL_connect() blocks for 25 seconds before ultimately failing...if I immediately retry the
connection/handshake it succeeds in a timely matter.  What is causing the initial 25 second delay/failure and why does SSL_connect() succeed
the on the second retry?

Thanks in advance for insights into this issue.

Ron Muck
Senior Software Engineer
[hidden email]
503.579.1414  x5054