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SSL_check_chain() broken

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It looks as though SSL_check_chain() use within the cert_cb (as recommended) was broken by PR 7257.

PR 7257 moves setting the shared_sigalgs to after the cert_cb takes place, but deep down in the call stack, SSL_check_chain() has a dependency on shared_sigalgs being set.

In 1.1.1, the following works, using SSL_check_chain() in the cert_cb. But it fails in 1.1.1a:

apps/openssl s_server -xcert apps/server.pem -xkey apps/server.pem -nocert

Is there harm in setting the shared_sigalgs before cert_cb and resetting them if SSL_set_SSL_CTX() is called? Basically what PR 7256 tried to do?

I opened issue 9099.
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