Reporting an Issue with OpenSSL in MacOS SDK 10.8

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Reporting an Issue with OpenSSL in MacOS SDK 10.8

Dr. Pala
Hi all,

working on porting my LibPKI implementation (based on OpenSSL) to MacOS
I found out an issue that is not really related to the code itself but
the distributed version in the SDK.

In particular, I found out that several functions' signatures have been
altered in their return codes. This is particularly scary as they
removed the ability to verify the return code by changing the return
type to void. An example of this is: HMAC_Init_ex(), HMAC_Update(),

I don't know if there are others functions that have been "redacted",
but I expect that to be true.

I am not sure if this is an issue or if any of the people subscribed
here from Apple could explain why they changed an API that is not theirs
and that causes portability issues of applications that are based on
OpenSSL. But I think this is a big mistake from Apple and if we could
manage to have them to actually include a non-modified version of the
API (or at least change the names of include/lib so that applications
will not have compiling issues and/or binary incompatibilities), that
would be a good outcome.

This, of course, unless I am missing an important reason - so far, my
contacts at Apple were not able to give any real reasons for that odd
changes other than (quote) "it must be that Apple looked at the code and
those functions can not fail.. besides what would you do if that fails
?" (arguably, a very wrong answer also considering it is not an Apple's
internal API).

Dr. Pala

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