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Rich Salz via RT

Richard Levitte via RT wrote:

> [[hidden email] - Mon Jun  6 07:15:40 2005]:
>>Richard Levitte via RT wrote:
>>>Thanks for the positive report!  Apropos the 'test skipped' stuff,
>>   I'm
>>>not sure why skipping tests on unbuilt algorithms is self-defeating.
>>It didn't skip only the tests on unbuilt algorithms, it skipped *all*
>>the tests.
> Ah, good point.  I jumped to conclusions too fast, it seems.  Sorry
> about that.
> I just committed a change, but unfortunately, it's a little late to get
> it into beta4.  Would you be willing to test tomorrow's snapshot
> (openssl-0.9.8-stable-SNAP-20050607.tar.gz), to ensure it does the right
> thing before beta5?

sorry for not getting back sooner, but beta5 works fine.


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