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Daniel Diaz Sanchez-2


There is no problem to use your code with C#. What you need to do is to
create a wrapper. First create a dll (a confortable way to do that) with the
functions you need to use from C# ( in your case, rename tmain to for
example TLS_whatever) and then user platform invocation to access from C#.

An example  that uses two functions implemented in two different C++ dlls:

Functions in C/C++

DWORD dwStart = GetTickCount();

LONG SCardEstablishContext(
  DWORD dwScope,
  LPCVOID pvReserved1,
  LPCVOID pvReserved2,

Note that the types used in C/C++ should be converted to others equivalents
in C# (if it is a pointer, use IntPtr)

Find more information searching pInvoke or Platform Invocation in MSDN

using System;

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace YourNameSpace
        /// <summary>
        /// Doc.
        /// </summary>
        public class mywrapper
         // this is optional: it disables heap walks security checking and
improves performance

                public unsafe static extern int GetTickCount();

                //note that here we are not suppressing security checking

                public unsafe static extern Int32 SCardEstablishContext(
UInt32 Scope, IntPtr pReserved1, IntPtr pReserserved2, UInt32 *phContext);

        class Class1
                /// <summary>
                /// </summary>
                static void Main(string[] args)
                        UInt32 hContext = 0;
                        int Result = 0;
                        UInt32 SCARD_SCOPE_USER = 0;
                        // if you are not using pointers (as we were not
using C/C++)

                        unsafe // if you use pointers to behave like in
C/C++ note the parameter &hContext
                                Result = mywrapper.SCardEstablishContext(
SCARD_SCOPE_USER, a , a, &hContext);
                                if ( Result != 0 )
                                        Console.WriteLine("Error stablish


Daniel Díaz Sánchez

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One other option is to write a managed wrapper in visual C++ .net using the
IJW (It just works) technology. This way, the resulting wrapper (.net
assembly) could be called from any .net supported language e.g. C#, VB.net,
J# etc.

I can provide an example of this if it is required.

Hashim Saleem

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> OpenSSLGRT wrote:
>> I just got Mr. Sanchez OpenSSL port to PDA
>> (http://karajan.it.uc3m.es/~pervasive/wce_lite_compat/) - and it works
>> great! I have a simple SSL Client in C++. Now I want to convert that to
>> C#.
>> I assume(???) that I would use the two DLLs but libeay32.dll and
>> ssleay32.dll that I now have on the PDA. I know how to use simple dlls
>> from
>> C++ in C# but I am having trouble figuring out how to convert this more
>> complicated program.  Any help would be greatly!!! Appretiated
>>  A simple app (which I got a lot from a great source on the web!) in C++
>> posts vars to a server and works fine - now to get it into C# (I can get
>> the
>> C++ generic code translated OK it is just how do I get at the OpenSSL
>> stuff
>> like for example:  SSL_load_error_strings();
> Look at how PayPal interacts with OpenSSL.  They build an intermediate
> unmanaged DLL with C++ that does the actual communication with OpenSSL and

> then call the intermediate DLL from C#.  Source code for this is available

> in the PayPal SDK.
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