RSA_privtae_eccrypt() is causing the STACK DUMP !!!

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RSA_privtae_eccrypt() is causing the STACK DUMP !!!

Raj Singh-5
Hi All,

 I am using pSOS on ARM 7.0 LE board.

RSA_private_encrypt() which is needed to "signing the private key with
hash"  is causing a "STACK CRASH" ?

The Function trace is :-

RSA_private_encrypt() -> RSA_eay_private_encrypt() -> loop of (
BN_mod_exp_mount() -> BN_from_montgomery() ) and it is crashing the
stack in BN_from_montgomery().

I think problem is there BIGNUM is not ported properly for board in OpenSSL.

Please help in this regard or give any hints.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajeshwar Singh
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