RSA encrypt decrypt functions

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RSA encrypt decrypt functions

Sajith N A
i am sending mail for the first time.i joined recently.i was going through the openssl code and i have come a long way in understanding the high-level
cryptography structure -- where the methods are found, how to use them,
etc, but i got stuck in the following:

 in openssl-0.9.7g/crypto/rsa/rsa.h the following methods
are mentioned:

int (*rsa_pub_enc)(int flen,unsigned char *from,unsigned char *to,
                           RSA *rsa,int padding);
int (*rsa_pub_dec)(int flen,unsigned char *from,unsigned char *to,
                           RSA *rsa,int padding);

And they are again mentioned in rsa_lib.c where

int RSA_public_encrypt(int flen, unsigned char *from , unsigned char *to,
             RSA *rsa, int padding)

returns it, but that's all.
Am i missing something? Where are all the
low-level methods defined? Are they system-native or protected or have I
overlooked something entirely?
i appreciate your help immensly
with regards

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