RFC 3280, UTF8String and Cyrillic letters in CN

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RFC 3280, UTF8String and Cyrillic letters in CN


Hi everyone,


If I follow RFC 3280 at “  Issuer” and “  Subject” then all “DirectoryString” implementations should be in “UTF8String” format.


If for example I have a CN that is filled in with Latin  letters, then the total length of these symbols should be 64 symbols.


If I use only Cyrillic symbols (which is my case) the I could insert only 32 Cyrillic symbols which is unusable in some many cases when the person has 3 names with total length of 35 to 40 Cyrillic letters.


My question is: Is this correct or I miss something ? And if this is the fact how to insert 40 Cyrillic letters in CN field following RFC 3280 specifications ?


Best regards,