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Pulcini Maddalena
the problem is not the file's format; I also tried with a test ca file, including in the openssl files (files for test) and the problem occurs in the same way. I generated a self signed Ca with openssl for windows and I obtained the same problem. I can't understand why the problem is only for the Ca file and not for server certificate. The function that is called to load certificate in openssl structures is the same, that is PEM_read_bio.
So if someone had an idea.......
is there someone that knows a document (not RFC) about PEM format, above all about Header PEM for certificates, keys, Ca, CRL etc...
Thanks All


Da: [hidden email] per conto di Matyas Majzik
Inviato: ven 20/05/2005 13.21
A: [hidden email]
Oggetto: Re: PEM_read_bio: no start line

>Hi All,
>someone knows what does mean :
>"PEM_read_bio: no start line"
>when server  calls the function (for CA file)
>:SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations() ?
>I'm using openssl-0.9.7d

I think that CA certificate file is not in PEM file format. Therefore I
think that there is no
line in that file.


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