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Question about windows environment...

Kyle Hamilton
Dr. Henson:

I see in Configure that there's VC-NT and VC-WIN32 as targeted
platforms.  The INSTALL.W32 file says to run ms\do_nt.bat if you want
the NT-specific features (logging BIOs would be VERY nice to have)...
but wouldn't that be taken care of by the VC-NT target?  If not, why

There's no ms\do_ntnasm.bat, is why I ask.  I want to get the benefits
of the logging BIOs, but I also want to get the benefit of the
assembly versions of the cipher implementations.  (then again, I also
want debug symbols, so it's like I want my cake, I want to eat it, AND
I want seconds all at once. :P)

-Kyle H
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