Problems with SSL behind a SOCKS5 client

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Problems with SSL behind a SOCKS5 client

Steffen Lips

I've written a client to call a server over https protocol. I tested my
client with different configurations. So the client can be behind a proxy.
I tested HTTPS-Proxy, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.
The first two of them work fine. But with SOCKS5 I have some problems.
First of all I connect to the proxy.
Then I do the SOCKS5 protocol.
The proxy tells me that everthing is ok, and the way to the server is open.
Now I want to establish the SSL-protokol on this connection, but when I
do SSL_connect(), I get the SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL. Reading the manual the
problem is: "an EOF was observed that violates the protocol".

Now my question: What causes this problem and how can I solve it?



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