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Problem with new OIDs

Johnny Gonzalez
Hello everybody,
I'm new in this list and I have a question, maybe a newbie question for most of the users, but I'm in a big trouble and need help on this matter. This is the problem:
I have to add 3 new OIDs to my issued certificates, so I added them in the openssl.cnf config file this way:
in the new oids section I have this:
direccion =
nit =
cedula =
In the policy match section I have this:
direccion  = optional
cedula   = optional
nit    = optional
In the [ req_distinguished_name ] section I have this:
direccion   = Direccion
cedula    = Cedula
nit    = Nit
I guess this is ok, but after issuing my certificate, I'm getting undesired characters in the values of these new OIDs for example, this certificate has the 3 new OIDs I need, when I open the certificate in Windows (the OS we need to use) I get this output in the subject:

Número de serie = 9 = 1      <-------------------------------The 2 first characters are garbage = 1      <-------------------------------The 2 first characters are garbage

STREET = cra 23                   <-------------------------------The 2 first characters are garbage

CN = Prueba 1 cert

OU = Internet

O = Ubiquando

L = Bogota

S = Cundinamarca

What should I do to avoid these annoying characters in the value of my special OIDs??
Am I doing something wrong when I add the OIDs?
In the [ req_distinguished_name ] section I have also done this:
direccion   = UTF8:Direccion
cedula    = UTF8:Cedula
nit    = UTF8:Nit
But this doesn't change this strange behaviour.
What do you recommend me? is it posible for the requests I receive in PEM that contain latin characters like á, ñ, etc.
The request are being generated with openssl and the -utf8 option
I'm attaching my openssl.cnf file
Thanks a lot for any help,

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openssl.cnf (11K) Download Attachment