Private key pass phrase constraints

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Private key pass phrase constraints

Luc Perthuis
A "simple basic question" about usable text in a pass phrase used to
protect my private key.
Well, it's not really openssl specific, but I imagine that the community
here should have an answer.

Imagine I'm using softwares "unicode aware", and then I'm used to use
greek, cyrilic and arabic characters.
Thus, I would like to do the same (used those exotic chars) to build a
"strong" pass phrase.

Is there a chance that several "security aware" softwares using my
certificate can efficiently and reliably use my private key if I want to
protect it with a password containing such "out of ASCII 7 bits"
charcaters ?

What are the standards that are used to ensure this compatibility ?

Hope that the answer is NOT : "please stick to ASCII 7 bits pass phrase" ;-)

Best regards,

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