Performance test TLSv1.3 vs TLSv1.2

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Performance test TLSv1.3 vs TLSv1.2

Utkarsh Tewari
I have been running tests with OpenSSL 1.1.1dev[draft 20]. Here are the results I obtained(not considering early data)

With average ping RTT between nodes: 0.32 ms


TLSv1.2 full handshake 3.9234 ms

TLSv1.3 full handshake 3.5499 ms


TLS 1.2 Resumption(in-band) 0.6579 ms

TLSv1.3 Resumption(in-band) 1.3241 ms

Here, TLSv1.3 resumptions take almost double the time taken by TLSv1.2 resumptions. Did anyone else get similar results?

I believe the reason is that the messages from the server are encrypted with handshake_traffic_secret and application_traffic_secret, which take additional time.  Is that correct? 


Utkarsh Tewari
San Jose State University

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