OpenSSL & SSLeay install prob w/ IO::Sockets::SSL

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OpenSSL & SSLeay install prob w/ IO::Sockets::SSL

Dr Robert Young
This may be a repeat, but I am not sure my first posting went out to
the correct place, so here it is again just in case.....

When downloading/installing IO::Socket::SSL off CPAN in perl 5.8.3, it
tries to install Net::SSLeay as well.

Then one gets a message that this ( SSLeay) is no longer supported, and
it says to get OpenSSL from It then asks for the
OpenSSL  install location. However, when I give it the directory
location where OpenSSL is installed on my system it says it can not
find what it is looking for .

  Does anyane know what it is  looking for ( a ftp:// or http:// site or
a 'specific' directory or a 'specific' version what) ??

Dr. Robert Young

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