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Now, I want to use OpenSSL with Tomcat 5, Windows XP Professional SP2.
I want to use SSL on Tomcat 5 and I want to customize some cipher algorithms of OpenSSL. How can I do this?

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"Failed to parse" error in custom web server

Hi all,
I've implemented an SSL server and now, I try to display pages in web
I have a different behaviour depending on the machine. My first machine
is a XP and everything works fine.
The second one is a Windows 2000 and I have this error : "Failed to
parse" with no more explanation.
It occurs between the server reads data sent by the browser and it sends
the reply.
Do you guys have an idea?
Both FireFox and IE6 work fine on the XP and fails on the 2K.
I'm a bit stuck.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

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